Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019

Whenever we think about richest royal in the world Queen Elizabeth II comes in our mind first, but I suggest you to think again. The Queen of England is not the only richest royal . And we have the richest royal families in the world by net worth 2019

I found that there are other Royal families which are 10 times richer than Her Majesty.

So I have a list of Richest Royal Families in the world by net worth 2019 and let’s have a look at it.

1. Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019
Paddock Magazine

Net worth – $37.5 billion

Our first person is one of the world’s wealthiest royals. Belongs to a Maktoum family. He lives in a finest house named Al Maktoum. He is the CEO of Emirates Airline, Noor Islamic Bank PJSC, Noor Investment Group, Dubai Avaition City Corporation, Dubai World, FlyDubai, Noor Takaful General PJSC and Noor Takaful Family PJSC.

  • Born – 1 Dec 1958 (age 58), Dubai, UAE
  • Education – Political Science , University of Denver
  • Parents – (Father) Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum and (Mother) Sheikha Fatima bint Ahmed bin Suliman

2. King Rama IX ( Bhumibol Adulyadej)

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019

Net worth – $30 billion

The name “Rama” is adopted from Hindu religion , avatar of God “Vishnu”. He was the ninth monarch of Thailand. Being the grandson of King Chulalongkorn and was born while his father, Prince Mahidol was studying at Harvard University. And his older brother Ananda Mahidol, became king in 1935, unfortunately on June 9 ,1946, Ananda was found dead in his bed of a gunshot wound. 

  • Income source – Investments derived from Bureau of the Crown Property.
  • Born – 5 Dec 1927, Mount Auburn Hospital, USA
  • Died – 13 Oct 2016 (age 88), Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok
  • Spouse – Sirikit Kitiyakara
  • Mother – Srinagarindra
  • Father – Mahidol Adulyadej

3. Hassanal Bolkiah (Sultan of Brunei)

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019

Net worth – $20 billion

This guy is known as “The Playboy SULTAN” because he have spended his fortune on a Boeing 747, have a collection of more than 7000 cars including 500 Rolls, a gold wedding Royce in a garage named Istana Nurul Iman. And funny fact, his haircut alone cost $20000. He gets his income from a oil and company.

  • Born – 15 July 1946 (age 72) Hassanal Bolkiah Muiz’zaddin Wad’daulah , Istana Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
  • Source of Income – owner of gas and oil property
  • Spouse – Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha ,Hajah Mariam (1982–2003), Azrinaz Mazhar (m. 2005–2010)
  • Mother –  Pengiran Anak Damit
  • Father – Begawan Sultan, Omar Ali Saifuddien III

4. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019

Net worth – $18 billion

His full name is Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Faisal bin Turki. Fact about him that it is estimated that he is married 30 times and have 35 children . King Abdul Aziz have  14 sons and 11 daughters. His first son , King Saud is a of father 107 children.

  • Income source – Oil industry
  • Born – 1 August 1924, Riyadh, Sultanate of Nejd, Saudi Arabia
  • Died – 23 January 2015 (aged 90), Saudi Arabia
  • House – House of saud
  • Father – Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia
  • Mother – Fahda Al Shuraim

5. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019
The Japan Times

Net worth – $15 billion

He is the President of the United Arab Emirates Incumbent. And it estimated that the Al Nahyan  family holds the fortune of $150 billion . Sheikh Mohammed is married to six wives in his life. One famous wife is Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum also his first cousin and a member of Dubai’s ruling family whom he married in 1979.

  • Income source – Investments from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
  • Born – 7 September 1948 (age 70), Al Ain, UAE
  • Spouse – Shamsa bint Suhail Al Mazrouei (1964)
  • Children – Mohammed Sultan
  • Mother – Hassa bint Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan
  • Father – Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

6. Mohammed VI  (King of Morocco)

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019
Morocco World News

Net worth – $5.7 billion

His full name is Sidi Mohammed. And a member of the Alaouite dynasty and rose to the throne on 23 July 1999 due to death of his father, King Hassan II. He have invested a great amount in  SNI and Siger Holding . Eduction from University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis 1993.

  • Born – 21 August 1963 (age 55), Rabat, Morocco
  • Spouse – Salma Bennani
  • Father – Hassan II  
  • Mother – Lalla Latifa Hammou
  • Religion – Sunni Islam

7. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019
Dubai Week

Net worth – $4.5 billion

He is one behind the foundation of Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands. He is also known for having good relation with the Prince of UAE. Also the owner the world’s largest yatch that is Yatch Dubai which is 164m long can hold upto 115 passengers along with crew.

  • Income source – Majority share of Dubai Holding and investments from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.
  • Born – 15 July 1949 (age 69) Al Shindagha, Dubai
  • Spouse – Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum
  • Father – Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum
  • Mother – Latifa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan
  • Religion – Sunni Islam

8. Hans-Adam II (Prince of Liechtenstein)

Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019
Princely House of Liechtenstein

Net worth – $3.75 billion

Hans Adam is the richest monarch in Europe. His late father Franz Joseph II has ruled Liechtenstein for 51 years. Now Hans owns LGT banking group and have a family fortune of $7.6 billion and a personal fortune of almost $4 billion.

  • Income source – Holdings in  Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation.
  • Born – 14 February 1945 (age 74), Zürich, Switzerland
  • House – Liechtenstein
  • Spouse – Countess Marie Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau
  • Father – Franz Joseph II
  • Mother – Countess Georgina von Wilczek
  • Religion – Roman Catholic

9. Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani (Qatar)


Net worth – $2.4 billion

He is a  member of the ruling Al Thani Qatari royal family and was the ruling Emir of Qatar from 1995 to 2013. now Qatar is ruled by Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani since 11 November 2014.  Hamad is believed to have 24 children , 11 sons and 13 daughters.

  • Source of income – From various enterprises.
  • Born – 1 January 1952 (age 67), Doha, Qatar
  • Spouse – Mariam bint Muhammad Al Thani, Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, Noora bint Khalid Al Thani
  • Father – Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani
  • Mother – Aisha bint Hamad Al Attiyah
  • House – House of Thani

10. Albert II (Prince of Monaco)


Net worth – $1 billion

He is the head of the Princely house of Grimaldi. His full name is Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi. His wife is former Olympian swimmer. His mother is former american actress Grace Kelly. They have twin children named Gabriella and Jacques.

  • Income source – Various enterprises, including Société des bains de mer de Monaco and casinos.
  • Born – 14 March 1958 (age 61), Prince’s Palace of Monaco
  • Spouse – Charlene Wittstock
  • Father – Rainier III (Prince of Monaco)
  • Mother – Grace Kelly
  • House – Grimaldi

11. Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini (Aga Khan IV) – France

ABC News –

Net worth – $800 million

He is the founder of the Aga Khan Development Network. He most do donations by Ismaili community members. His favorite horse Shergar was atolen by armed gang , the horse was an Irish-bred, British-trained racehorse.

  • Income source – Aga Khan Development Network Enterprises
  • Born – 13 December 1936 (age 82), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Father – Prince Aly Khan
  • Mother – Tajuddawlah Aly Khan  
  • Religion – Nizari-Ismaili Shia Islam
  • House – Fatimid, Alid, Nizari Ismaili state, Banu Hashim

12. Qaboos bin Said al Said (Oman)

The Worldfolio

Net worth – $700 billion

Qaboos bin Said Al Said is the 14th-generation descendant of the founder of  Al Bu Sa’iddynasty. His all powers came from his father Said bin Taimur in 1970. He have studied in India and was a student of former Indian PM Shankar Dayal Sharma who was the ninth President of India. 

  • Income source – Various enterprises
  • Born – 18 November 1940 (age 78), Salalah, Muscat and Oman
  • Spouse – Nawwal bint Tariq (div 1979)
  • Father –  Al Bu Sa’iddynasty
  • Mother – Mazoon al-Mashani
  • Religion – Ibadi Islam

 13. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (Elizabeth II)

The Telegraph

Net worth – $450 million

Queen Elizabeth II is longest reigning monarch in British history and held control on 6 feb 1952. She was educated privately in her home. In the morning she prefers New Zealand eggs in the breakfast.

  • Income source – property, jewelry and other assets
  • Born –   21 April 1926 (age 93) ,Mayfair London
  • Father – George VI
  • Mother – Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
  • Quote – It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained

14. Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (Kuwait)

The Japan Times

Net worth – $350 million

He is the former PM of Kuwait.

  • Income source – Various enterprises

15. Beatrix (Netherlands)

  • Net worth – $200 million
  • Income source – Holdings of Royal Dutch Shell.

16. Mswati III (Swaziland)

Countries with monarchy government
  • Net worth – $100 million
  • Income source – Various enterprises

So these were the Richest Royal families in the world by net worth 2019. I hope you will not get confused by Her Majesty any more.

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