Most expensive Pets in the world 2019

Most expensive pets in the world

Do you own a pet? Are you in ego mode for the price that you have paid for your favorite pet. If you do wait a sec, check out these most expensive pets in the world of 2019.

These are the also most expensive pets to maintain. I will be covering these topics most expensive dogs in the world, most expensive snakes in the world, most expensive birds in the world at some other time.

I think your ego will get disturbed by looking the price of these following pets :-

List of most expensive pets in the world 2019

1. The Green Monkey – $16m


The green monkey is basically a horse. This horse was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. The Green Monkey was sold in January 2006 at Fasig-Tipton Calder auction  for the highest price ever paid – $16,000,000 . But unfortunately didn’t make such big profit. He died after making only $10500 due to some disease called laminitis.

Very unfortunate for the owner. He probably had no idea about what’s going to happen.

2. Sir Lancelot Encore – $16m


Sir Lancelot Encore is a clone of his former self and he is the world’s first successfully cloned dog. This is the reason this dog is so expensive.

The Floridian family spent $155000 on his cloning process. So after seeing in his own success of cloning , they thought it would be a great idea to continue his unique gene pool which led to couple of litters of his own.

3. Missy missy – $1.2m

Missy missy

This is a Holstein cow which was sold for $1.2million to a group of investors. Believe me or not this cow produce 50% more milk than a average cow. She sure is one of a kind.

4. Tibetan Mastiff – $582k

Nestle Purina Australia

This dog my friends is the world’s expensive dog and also the tallest bread too. It’s looks are scary due to its height and weight which can be upto 30 inch and 250 pounds.

Its also rare and they can live upto 12 to 15 yrs.

5. White Lion Cubs – $140k


These cubs of a South African lion are the cutest wild animals according to me. Recently four white cubs were born at Papanack Park Zoo outside Ottawa. They can cost you upto 140k and they are not easy to maintain.

Today they are not more than 300 in number.

6. Arabian Horse – $100k

Aramco Expats

The Arabian horse is best known for its strong bones , endurance and superior stamina. All disciplines uses this horse now from Western to English dressage hunters jumpers and many are national showing champion.

7. Stag Beetle – $89k

Most expensive Pets in the world
BBC News Magazine

First of all , I don’t know why anyone would keep this thing as a pet. But I guess every person is crazy in his/her own way.

This 5 cm beetle belong to Lucanidae family and can bite a human but relax they are not very aggressive.

8. Chimpanzees – $60k

Most expensive Pets in the world
Born free foundation

Do you know that chimpanzeea are our closest family relative , there gene blueprint is 98% similar with ours.

They are smart, intelligent, can live upto 40 yrs and some actually are trained to speak english.

It is legal in some countries to own this animal but in some you have to spend $60000.

9. Lavender Albino Ball Python – $40k

Most expensive Pets in the world
World of Ball python

If you are a fan of snakes then this small python can be your pet in just $40k only. It can live upto 25yrs and after 7yrs becoming full sexually active it can lay upto 30 eggs.

They are very rare and its color mutation is a recessive genetic trait. 

10. Palm Cockatoo – $16k


This black parrot is such a iconic specie also known as Goliath Cuckatoo. This bird is known for its beautiful crest, long beak and red cheek patch.

They are really ancient relic to us from park point of view and are great attraction for tourist.

11. Hyacinth Macaw – $14k


One of the most unique bird out there is Hyacainth Macaw. They are the biggest of the macaw. One baby can cost you around$10k and are generally very friendly with people.

They need a very big cage at least 4 feet wide , need friendly environment also they eat lot of paln nuts.

12. De Brazza’s Monkey -$12k


Scientific name is Cercopithecus neglectus. It is known for white facial hair which looks like a beard. Also has gray fur with a white belly and orange crest .

The females can weigh upto 3.5 kgs and a male can be of 3 kgs.

13. Savannah Cat -$12k


These cats are the largest domestic cats in the world and can jump upto 7 feet high from stand still position. Hmmm pretty nice .

They look like a wild cat , in other word a small leopard which weigh upto 14 kgs.

You have spend at least 10k to have this cat because they are very difficult to breed. But illegal in New York, Hawaii, Georgia and Massachusetts.

14. Bongo Antelope – $9k

The East African

Bongo Antelope is known by its striking reddish-brown coat, white-yellow stripes, black and white markings and long slightly spiralled horns. Both sexes have horns. 

An average bongo can live upto 19 yrs. This list of most expensive pets in the world 2019 is going too long.

15. Capuchin Monkey – $8.5k

Mental Floss

Ok, this one is my favorite but if you are giving it a home environment then this monkey can become a unhappy and aggressive. Also you should consider that they become sexually active after 5 yrs.

They weigh around 1.5 kgs to 5 kgs and have starred in many movies too. Good for a spunky little monkey.

16. Toucan – $8k

National Audubon Society

Scientific name is Ramphastidae. They are silent than other parrots. Don’t be afraid they don’t bite very hard, a toucan is not even able to squeeze a grape.

They are very affectionate and are addicted to fruits, prefers insects and lizards too.

17. Bengal Cat – $5k


The begal cat is a hybrid between Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. This cat has a stronger robust build than other domestic cat breeds. Males are between 4.6 kgs to 6.7 kgs and females between 5.5 kgs to 6.6 kgs.

A bengal cat has briddle pattern on its skin which is very soft and firm. Most of all they get socialize very easy.

18. Wallaby – $4k


If you have right household then it is not crazy to spend this much amount on a exotic pet which cannot be housetrained. They almost look like a kangaroo but enjoy looking at them from a distance, because they are aggressive.

19. Kangaroo – $3k

As we know there jumping is the only means of their transportation due to their strong and long legs, a tail to balance and a small head.

According to a research they release methane gas in their fart.

20. Ayam Cemani Chicken – $2.5k


This chicken is also known as luxury chicken. Its is a very rare breed from Indonesia. Skin color is black, muscles too and features.

An average male can be of 2 kgs to 2.5 kgs and female can be of 1.5 kgs to 2 kgs.

21. Tiger Cubs – $2.5k


Keeping a wild cat is very dangerous even small cubs too but again all are crazy in their own way. So if you wanna fullfil your craziness for cute little tiger cubs then $2.5k is rhe cost.

Its scientific name is Panthera tigris.

22. Micro Pig – $2k

Apple thief

You call them Teacup pigs, miniature pigs , micro pigs, pocket pigs, royal dandys, julianas but they are very adorable pigs . Infact they are the cutest spam in the world. Cost is mentioned above.

These pigs are surprisingly intelligent, very social.


Now folks my post is over which was about Most expensive pets in the world 2019. I hope your ego is not disturbed at all. Hahaha , just kidding.

Ok take care then.

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