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Kala Pull Photo Spot

Kala Pull photo spot is a canal bridge. The locals around here call it “The Kala Pull”. I think they call it because of its black color but now it is not black. As it was laid before Independence now it is Brown due to rusting.

Recently when the social media insects reached to every teenager like Facebook, Whatsapp, sepecially Instagram, the young fellows started a trend of uploading high quality pics of themselves using DSLR to show to others.

These trend led them to crawl in every single park or highway or roads falls in villages (at least they got out of there home, there phone, there social media profiles, or PUBG and went to explore mother nature, Huh).

Kala pull photo spot

Kala Pull photo spot is one the place which is most visited in last few months according to me because I live not very far from it and I pass from there daily.

kala pull

This Old and Rusty bridge is becoming very popular these days even my friends who are living in city have also visited this place and clicked some damm good photos which got them many “khatarnaak” comments.


The Kala Pull Photo Spot is situated in Bahadurpur on Arnia Pandorian road which falls in Bishnah tehsil in Jammu city. Along the canal bridge there is a road bridge upon the Aik river. This road bridge was built in 2004 and inaugurated by our former CM Farooq Abdullah.

Before this bridge all the transport vehicles used to cross the Aik river by going into it. Unfortunately I didn’t found out the history of Kala Pull but majority of elders were saying it was here before 1947.

kala pull

There are homes of Gujjar people also along the road . The near river makes the cattle easy to manage because they can drink from there.

Desi Pool Of Pendhu Boys

In hot summers me and friends use to go to Kala Pull on our bikes , scooties with four or three persons on each two wheeler. Some carry their cars too.

kala pull

From far villages also people come to take bath in the cold water. So if we feel hot any time we just call each other make a group and go there without even asking our parents.

Best View To Watch The Flood

kala pull

So in rainy season the water level of the Aik river rises suddenly after raining a few hours. So watching that large amount water flowing from the bridge is very exiting. Sometimes gives goosebumps.

From the bridge we can see the sunset too. Sometimes people just sit on the sides of road bridge and relaxes themselves.

Best Place For Walk

People of near by villages of this bridge have the best place for their morning and evening walk. So at that there is a crowd of people on the bridge.

The my teenager friends who are getting ready for Defense Force, building their stamina by running, rest at this spot. Even elders and young kids all go for walk with their families.

Gathering Spot for Boys

At morning time and evening time you can see groups of boys. Some are alone too. They just gather here to talk and have fun.

Some boys are special varieties who get out of their houses and come here to call their “Jhannu’s” or Baby” .

A Small Mandir Along The Canal

There is small Mandir on the other side of the road. I really don’t know exactly how it got there. But some told me that the Naagdevta appeared beneath the earth (just ordinary snakes).

On a particular day people are organizing Melaas once in a year. A bunch of people gather on a particular day and prays. Good time to gather around and meet the relatives.

Barber And Punchar Shop

Suppose if you are on Kala Pull taking photos and when are returning, your vehicle got punctured then this small punchar shop will help you.

Note:- There is no Karyana or punchar shop near this area. If you are planning to come then be prepared. I will suggest you to bring at least a water bottle and some refreshments too.

And the barber only takes 20 to 30 rupees for shave and haircut, just know this thing that he don’t come when it is raining because there is no roof on your head, LOL. He do his business only under a tree.


If you haven’t came to this PHOTO SPOT then free to come. You will enjoy here a lot and you will be going home with a collection of photos of you and your friends. Basically this the best photo spot to visit in spring , autumn , winter and summer.

I hope this helped you in making your decision. If you have any query then free to ask in the comment section. BYE BYE

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