Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Review 2019

Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Review 2019

The Fastrack Reflex Wav digital black 2019 is the slimmest tracker in 2019. Also it is the mostly gesture controlled and have got many good reviews from hundreds of satisfied and verified customers. Here we detailed reviews illustrated with pros and cons.

Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Review 2019


:- Good battery life.

:- Gesture control your calls.

:- Gesture control your camera.

:- Gesture control your music.

:- Issue less in Connectivity.

:- Instantly working Instagram, SMS and Whatsapp notifications.

:- Camera control and phone finder both works just fine.

:- Truly a value for money product.

:- Light weight.


:- Sometimes it makes mistakes in counting steps.:- Neon color is not much visible as shown in pictures.

:- Bluetooth connection often goes off.

Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Review 2019

Major Features:-

Following are the major features of Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black.

1. Activity Tracker:-

With this gadget track your steps taken, burnt calories, gym moves and distance covered. This will let you know the amount of action you are getting.

2. Vibrating Alarm:-

Tires of getting by annoying clock sound, this gadget will wake you up with a good hand shake.

3. Phone finder:-

No worry when you can’t find your phone. This feature uses GPS tracking technology . All you have to do a simple tap on the screen.

4. Water Resistance and Dust Proof:-

The Fastrack Reflex wav comes with a IP67 water resistance norm, let’s you hit the pool in style. Also keeps the grim away.

Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Review 2019

5. Sleep Tracker:-

This feature will track your ZZZs in the bed.

6. Gesture control your Calls:-

With the Reflex Wav ignore your call with a twist of wrist.

7. Gesture control your camera:-

This feature allow you to upgrade your selfies style by taking remote control on phone.

8. SMS and Whatsapp notifications:-

Get instant notification of any SMS and Whatsapp message at your wrist. So keep with the gang.

9. Battery Life:-

It comes with a 10 days of long battery life which keeps you moving on.

10. Gesture control your music:-

Comes in handy when you are feeling to hear some music, just twist your wrist.

Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Review 2019

Key Specifications:-

We have seen the Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Dial Review 2019 and features, now you can also see detailed specs:-

Color of Band – Black

Width of Band – 21 mm

Material of Band – Rubber

Brand – Fastrack

Diameter of Case – 46 mm

Material of Case – Plastic

Type of Clasp – Buckle

Collection – Reflex 2.0

Dial colour – Black

Crystal material – Acrylic

Display Type – Digital

Case Shape – Rectangular

Model Number – SWD90064PP01

Fastrack Reflex Wav Digital Black Review 2019

Price:- Rs 4,995 Buy now

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